Direct Entry JAMB 2024: New Cognitive/Verbal Reasoning Tests

Direct Entry JAMB 2024: Big changes are happening in how people get into college through Direct Entry, thanks to the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board (JAMB). Starting in 2024, they’re adding tests on thinking skills and language for students. The Registrar, Prof. Is-haq Oloyede, shared this news during a virtual meeting with education leaders from all over Nigeria.

Changing How Direct Entry is Evaluated

JAMB is now using aptitude tests to look at a person’s overall abilities, not just what they know in specific subjects. These tests check how quick and smart someone is, along with their general capabilities, going beyond the usual subject-focused exams.

Who Can Register and What’s Needed

Starting in 2024, if you want to register for Direct Entry, you can only do it at JAMB offices. This helps keep things organized and consistent. Be ready to share all your academic details, like your grades and other important information, Like:

  • Matriculation Number from Previous Institution: This is the number you got when you started at your previous school.
  • Subjects of Qualification: List the important subjects you studied.
  • Awarding Institution: The name of the school that gave you the qualification.
  • Institution Attended: Where you went to study.
  • Year of Graduation: The year you finished your studies.
  • Admission Letters: If you have them, provide them for verification.

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What It Means for Direct Entry Applicants

This change shows that JAMB is committed to improving how it chooses candidates. Also, they want to make sure that students not only meet academic requirements but also have the natural skills for their chosen fields of study.

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Furthermore, as JAMB brings in a new way to assess candidates, switching to aptitude testing shows a fresh and creative way to evaluate education. If you’re applying through Direct Entry, make sure you understand these new parts and register at official JAMB offices. This improvement is a move toward finding and supporting talent for the country’s academic and professional future.

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