How Do I Handle Technical Issues During My JAMB Exam?

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If you encounter technical issues during your JAMB exam, here are some steps you can take to handle them:

  1. Stay calm: It’s natural to feel frustrated or anxious when faced with technical issues, but it’s important to stay calm and composed. Take a deep breath and remind yourself that there are solutions available.
  2. Alert the invigilator: Raise your hand or notify the invigilator immediately about the technical issue you are facing. They are there to assist you and will guide you on the next steps to take.
  3. Follow instructions: Listen carefully to the instructions provided by the invigilator. They may guide you on troubleshooting steps or inform you about any alternative arrangements that will be made.
  4. Document the issue: If possible, take note of the specific technical issue you encountered, such as error messages, system malfunctions, or any other relevant details. This documentation may be useful for future reference or if you need to report the issue later.
  5. Seek assistance: If the invigilator is unable to resolve the technical issue, they may contact the appropriate technical support personnel. Be patient and cooperative while they work on resolving the problem.
  6. Time extension or alternative arrangement: In some cases, if the technical issue cannot be resolved promptly, the exam may be paused, and additional time may be allocated to affected candidates. Alternatively, you may be directed to a different computer or exam center to continue your exam.
  7. Report the issue: After the exam, make sure to report the technical issue to the appropriate authorities. This could be JAMB officials, your school, or any other designated body responsible for handling such matters. Provide them with the necessary details and documentation to support your report.

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Remember, technical issues are beyond your control, and the exam authorities are aware of this possibility. So, they will take appropriate measures to ensure that your exam is not unfairly affected. Stay focused, adapt to the situation, and do your best to complete the exam under the given circumstances.

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