The syllabus in Biology was personally constructed by the Unified Tertiary Matriculation Examination Board(JAMB), to help you prepare well for this upcoming Biology jamb examination. It is very vital to use this syllabus because it is the recommended curriculum by them. They are:

1. Living organism.

2. Structural/functional and behavioral adaptation of the organism.

3. Evaluation among Monera, Protista, fungi, thallophyta, and Bryophyta.

4. Internal structure of plants and animals.

5. Nutrition.

6. Transport.

7. Respiration.

8. Excretion.

9. Support and movement.

10. Reproduction.

11. Growth. 

12. Coordination and control.

13. Factors affecting the distribution of organisms.

14. Symbolic interaction of plants and animals.

15. Natural habitats.

16. Local biomes in Nigeria.

17. The ecology of population.

18. Soil.

19. Human and environmental. 

20. Variation in population.

21. Hereditary.

22. Theories of evolution.

23. Evidence of evolution.

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