JAMB CAPS Or School? Who Gives Admission?

JAMB CAPS Or School: You might be at the edge of your seat right now, waiting for the admission list from your school and at the same time, wondering ”Who gives admission?” JAMB CAPS or school?

Students are left to worry about whose direction they are to face, in their quest for admission; JAMB CAPS or their school of choice. We will explain the role that both parties play in the process of admitting students into tertiary institutions.

Origin and meaning of JAMB CAPS

In Nigeria, JAMB plays the role of examining students of different disciplines and certifying them eligible for admission into Nigeria’s higher institutions.

Recently, there has been a newly introduced system in JAMB’s operation called JAMB CAPS which stands for JAMB Central Admissions Processing System. With the JAMB CAPS, students can now be offered admission, after they have been checked by JAMB to confirm that they meet up with their school of choice’s requirements for admission.

How Admissions Work with JAMB CAPS

After JAMB examinations and subsequent screenings by an aspirant’s school of choice, JAMB sends a list of eligible candidates for admission, to the school of choice; this list is based on the already laid out criteria from each institution.

The choice institution will have to go through the list from JAMB and make amendments to it, based on their laid-out criteria and slots available. After the school is satisfied with the amendments made to the list sent by JAMB, they send the accepted list back to JAMB, who will upload it to their Central Admissions Processing system- CAPS

JAMB will publish the names on JAMB CAPS, while the school may decide to publish the names too, on their portal. Whether JAMB CAPS or school, both work closely together to give admission.

Frequently Asked Questions about JAMB CAPS.

Is it JAMB that gives admission or school?

Technically, the school gives admission.
JAMB sends the list of eligible candidates to the school, the school cross-checks the list selects the best qualified, and sends that information back to JAMB. JAMB then uploads the information on JAMB CAPS.

What is the use of JAMB CAPS?

The use of JAMB CAPS ensures synchronization of the admission process, between the National tertiary admissions board and the different tertiary institutions. The involvement of JAMB CAPS will also foster fairness and merit in the admission process in Nigeria, as aspirants who fail to meet the minimum requirements for a particular school will not be admitted over eligible ones.

Can the school give you admission without JAMB giving you?

This kind of scenario is confirmed to be a result of impatience from some tertiary institutions, who upload the list of successfully admitted students that were cleared by JAMB onto their portal, and not waiting for JAMB to upload theirs first.
In simpler terms, it means the school in question uploaded the admission list before JAMB, but it should synchronize on both sides, in the long run.

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Is JAMB CAPS admission the same as school admission?

Yes. They are the same. 

How will JAMB give admission?

They give admission through the JAMB CAPS. The admissions will be given only to candidates, who satisfied each school’s requirements for admission. 

My school has given me admission but JAMB has not

There is no cause for alarm. JAMB uploads admission in batches and it might take a little while for them to update your admission status. So wait for a couple of weeks for JAMB to update their list.

how long does it take for jamb to give admission?

When JAMB will start giving admission depends on your school of choice. As soon as your school starts giving admission, JAMB will start updating your admission status.

how long does it take for admission to reflect on Jamb portal

After your school of choice has given admission, it might days or even weeks for that admission to reflect on the JAMB portal.

Can Jamb give admission with awaiting result

JAMB can only give admission when the school approves the candidate.
Most schools will require your O’level result as part of screening before you can be offered admission. If you are using awaiting results, there is no way for them to ascertain your eligibility. For this reason, JAMB will not give you admission with awaiting results because the school will not approve you in the first place.

How to accept admission on the school portal

Accepting admission on your school’s portal depends on the school. In most schools, you will have to log in to your student portal and make the payment for your acceptance fee within a time frame to validate your admission. If you fail to make the payment before the stipulated time, you might lose your admission

What happens if JAMB doesn’t give you admission?

If JAMB has not given you admission, check your school portal and follow up as your school releases its admission lists. If all lists have been released and your name is not on any, that means you have not been admitted that year. And unfortunately, JAMB cannot give you admission.

Can School Give Me Admission and Jamb Not?

Yes. Your school can give you admission first. Give it a few weeks and JAMB will update your admission status.

With this information assembled above, I hope that you, dear reader have been able to discern that JAMB CAPS and the schools work hand in hand in shortlisting qualified candidates and publishing their names on their portals.

It might be confusing for candidates to decide where to look out for their admissions – JAMB CAPS or school. So, it is best to stay in tune with your JAMB CAPS admission status and at the same time check your school’s portal frequently.

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