JAMB DE Admissions: Avoid Being Barred

JAMB DE Admissions: If you’re getting ready for the Direct Entry (DE) exams starting on February 28, 2024, listen up. We’ve got some important info from JAMB that you need to know to ensure your admission process goes smoothly.

Last year, in February 2023, JAMB shared some advice for all of you aiming to get into college through Direct Entry. They talked about a big issue – some students trying to use fake A-level certificates to get in. JAMB is taking it seriously and wants to ensure everyone plays fair.

What JAMB Says:

JAMB is being strict about certificate verification, meaning they won’t accept students with certificates that haven’t been checked. They sent out letters to all the colleges and universities that issued these certificates, asking them to double-check if the certificates were legit. Some colleges have been great about it, but unfortunately, others haven’t been as quick to respond.

The Memo to Institutions:

JAMB sent out a memo in Abuja, explaining what they’re doing to tackle the problem of fake certificates. The memo talks about how they’re trying to verify around 2,795 certificates from 155 different institutions. It’s a big task, but it’s important to make sure everyone follows the rules.

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Why It Matters:
This isn’t just about catching people trying to cheat their way into college; it’s about keeping the admissions process fair and honest. JAMB wants to ensure that the certificates and qualifications you present are the real deal. It’s not only to stop the use of fake documents but also to make sure that the value of real qualifications is protected. This is a big deal for education in Nigeria; we all need to play our part.

What You Need to Do:
If you’re planning on going through Direct Entry, make sure your certificates are verified by your previous school – and do it quickly! This helps JAMB keep things in check and ensures your journey into higher education is on the right track. It’s not just for your sake; it’s for keeping our education system strong and trustworthy

If you’re looking to take the Direct Entry route, don’t forget to get your certificates verified. It’s not just a formality – it’s a crucial step toward building a better and more reliable education system for Nigeria. Stay honest, stay informed, and best of luck with your academic pursuits!

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