JAMB Investigates 2,000 Applicants Denied UNILAG Admission

JAMB, has taken swift action to address the concerns raised by students and parents regarding the denial of admission to approximately 2,000 applicants at the University of Lagos (UNILAG) due to their “awaiting result” status.

The claims suggest that these applicants, who had successfully met the other admission requirements, were denied admission solely because their O’Level results were not yet released at the time of the admission process. This has raised questions about the fairness and transparency of the admission process, prompting JAMB to intervene and investigate the matter thoroughly.

The regulatory body responsible for coordinating admissions into Nigerian universities, the Joint Admissions and Matriculation Board, has a mandate to ensure that the admission process is conducted in a fair and equitable manner. The board is committed to upholding the principles of merit and transparency, ensuring that no qualified candidate is unjustly denied admission.

The board will work closely with UNILAG authorities to address any issues identified during the investigation and to implement necessary corrective measures to ensure that the rights of these applicants are protected and that the admission process is conducted in accordance with established guidelines.

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