Lane Community College Launches ‘Welcome Back Scholarship’

Lane Community College (LCC) has recently introduced the ‘Welcome Back Scholarship’ to assist returning students in overcoming financial obstacles and continuing their education. The scholarship, offered through the Lane Community College Foundation, aims to provide up to $300 in financial aid to students who have outstanding balances preventing them from registering for the upcoming fall term, which commences on September 26.

Recognizing that financial constraints should never hinder a student’s educational journey, Colman Joyce, LCC’s vice president of student affairs, emphasized the college’s commitment to supporting students until they reach their academic goals. “The Welcome Back Scholarship is our way of saying, ‘We’ve missed you, and we’re committed to helping you cross the finish line,'” Joyce stated.

The scholarship primarily targets students who had to pause their studies due to financial challenges. To be eligible, individuals who have not attended classes for over a year must apply for readmission and complete an online application for the scholarship by September 19. Additionally, students are required to consult with academic advisors to develop a class comeback plan for the Fall 2023 semester. They must also register for and remain enrolled in courses until October 5, 2023, according to LCC.

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Students facing registration holds due to outstanding balances are advised to contact LCC’s Bursar’s Office to resolve the issue before registering. As funds for the scholarship are limited, applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. LCC also highlights other financial aid programs available, such as the Free Application for Federal Student Aid and the U.S. Department of Education’s Fresh Start program.

By launching the ‘Welcome Back Scholarship,’ Lane Community College aims to eliminate financial barriers and provide returning students with the necessary support to resume their studies.

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