NIFESS Undergraduate Scholarship for Nigerian Students 2023

The NIFESS Undergraduate Scholarship and Grant Trust Fund is a financial support system established by private organizations and NGOs. Its goal is to help 10,000 students and professionals studying social sciences and related subjects in Nigeria. This is because there isn’t enough financial support for these students in Nigerian universities. The NSGTF serves as a platform where members of NIFESS, including students and professionals, can access free financial aid for each academic session.

NIFESS Undergraduate Scholarship has several benefits:

  1. Financial Help for Undergraduates: Get support during your undergraduate studies.
  2. Funding for Final Year Research Projects: Money specifically for your research project in your last year.
  3. Support for Post-Graduate Studies: If you’re pursuing post-graduate studies, there’s help for you too.
  4. Money for Post-Graduate Research: Up to 1,000,000 NGN for your post-graduate research, depending on your financial needs and approval from the NIFESS Scholarship and Grant Board.
  5. Funds for Doctoral Research: Up to 3,000,000 NGN for your doctoral research, subject to approval from the NIFESS Scholarship and Grant Board.
  6. Special Grants for NIFESS Fellows: If you’re a NIFESS Fellow, you can get up to 10,000,000 NGN for research projects, both international and local, contributing to national growth and development.

Requirements for NIFESS Undergraduate Scholarship Qualification

Must be an undergraduate member of NiFESS (MoNFS) with the following:
1. Grade Point:
100 Level – No Grade point required.
200 level to Final year – at least 2.75 GPA.
2. Levels eligible: 100 level to final year.

Documents Required for Application

  •  A copy of the Original Admission letter.
  •  A copy of the Student’s Identity Card.
  •  Result from previous session or semester.
  • Reference Letter from your Head of Department confirming you’re a student of the department in your respective University with an Official Stamp.
  •  Copy/screenshot of NiFESS undergraduate membership receipt from PayStack.

Send all Application Documents via mail to [email protected]

Application Deadline

Not Specified

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How to Apply

  • To apply for the NIFESS Undergraduate Scholarship you have to first apply for membership in the Nigerian Federation of Social Scientists (NIFESS).
  • You can become a member now by registering, tap Here to register as an undergraduate member of NiFESS, and return back to this page to proceed with the application.

For more details, visit the NIFESS website

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