Subject-wise Preparation Tips for JAMB Exam

Preparing for the JAMB exam requires a comprehensive understanding of the subjects tested. In this blog post, we will provide subject-specific tips and resources to help students excel in each subject. Whether it’s Mathematics, English Language, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, or any other subject, these tips and recommended resources will aid in effective preparation and boost your chances of success.


  • Practice is key: Solve a wide range of mathematical problems from past JAMB exam papers and other relevant resources.
  • Understand concepts: Focus on understanding the underlying concepts and formulas rather than memorizing them.
  • Recommended resources: “New School Mathematics for Senior Secondary Schools” by M. Macrae and “JAMB Mathematics Past Questions and Answers” by Dr. A. A. Agboola.

English Language:

  • Improve vocabulary: Read widely to enhance your vocabulary and comprehension skills.
  • Grammar and comprehension practice: Solve grammar exercises and practice comprehension passages regularly.
  • Recommended resources: “The New Oxford English Course for Senior Secondary Schools” by David Adeleke and “JAMB Use of English Past Questions and Answers” by Dr. A. A. Agboola.


  • Understand principles and formulas: Focus on understanding the fundamental principles and formulas in physics.
  • Practice numerical problems: Solve numerical problems to strengthen your problem-solving skills.
  • Recommended resources: “Senior Secondary Physics” by P. N. Okeke and “JAMB Physics Past Questions and Answers” by Dr. A. A. Agboola.


  • Master chemical equations: Practice balancing chemical equations and understanding reaction mechanisms.
  • Understand periodic table trends: Familiarize yourself with the periodic table and its trends.
  • Recommended resources: “Senior Secondary Chemistry” by Bajah, Teibo, and Ojokuku and “JAMB Chemistry Past Questions and Answers” by Dr. A. A. Agboola.


  • Focus on diagrams and labeling: Practice drawing and labeling biological diagrams to enhance your understanding.
  • Memorize key terms and definitions: Create flashcards to memorize important biological terms and their definitions.
  • Recommended resources: “Modern Biology for Senior Secondary Schools” by S. O. Ogunjuyigbe and “JAMB Biology Past Questions and Answers” by Dr. A. A. Agboola.

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Remember, these subject-wise tips and resources are meant to supplement your overall JAMB exam preparation. Combine them with consistent studying, time management, and a positive mindset to achieve success. Good luck!

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