UNIABUJA Sets Drug Test As Admission Requirements

UNIABUJA Implements Mandatory Drug Test for Admission, Taking a Stand Against Drug Abuse. In a bold move to combat drug abuse, the University of Abuja has announced that all prospective students must undergo a drug test as a prerequisite for admission. This groundbreaking initiative was revealed by the university’s Vice Chancellor, Prof. Abdul-Rasheed Na’allah, during the 27th Pre-Convocation briefing held in Abuja.

Recognizing the detrimental effects of drug abuse on academic performance and overall well-being, the university has partnered with the National Drug Law Enforcement Agency (NDLEA) to address this pressing issue. The collaboration aims to not only identify students involved in drug abuse but also provide them with the necessary support and rehabilitation.

Prof. Na’allah emphasized the significance of knowing the drug status of students, as it enables the university to create an environment conducive to their well-being and academic success. It is important to note that the university’s approach is focused on rehabilitation rather than expulsion, demonstrating their commitment to helping students overcome drug addiction.

By implementing this mandatory drug test, UNIABUJA is taking a proactive stance in safeguarding the health and future of its student body. This initiative serves as a powerful deterrent against drug abuse while offering a lifeline to those in need of assistance. The university’s collaboration with the NDLEA underscores their dedication to creating a supportive and drug-free campus environment.

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UNIABUJA’s decision to set drug tests as admission requirements sets a commendable precedent for other educational institutions, highlighting the importance of prioritizing student well-being and fostering a drug-free academic community.

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