What should I bring with me to Jamb examination hall?

This is a very sensitive area when it comes to the Joint Admissions Matriculation Board examinations because Jamb will never let you into the examination hall without the stipulated items neither will they let you in with prohibited items.

Items candidates are expected to come with on exam day

  1. Two copies (printed) of your Jamb exam slip, one for yourself, the other for your invigilator respectively.
  2. Pencil/eraser: You might need to make sketches and erase a lot as the case may be.
  3. Last but not the least, make sure you are with enough cash with you: This is not a requirement from Jamb but just incase of unforeseen circumstances, you would want to be prepared for eventualities.

Items a candidate must not come to the exam venue with

Now, candidates must be very careful so as to not attract penalties as grievous as disqualification on their exam day. Trying to smuggle in forbidden items such as ;

1. Caps of any kind

2. Pen/Biro

3. Mobile Phones or any electronic device

4. Spy Reading Glasses

5. Calculators Or Similar Electronic Devices

6. USB

7. CD

8. Wrist watch

9. Books Or Any Reading/Writing Material

10. Cameras

11. Recorders

12. Microphones

13. Ear Pieces

14. Ink/Pen Readers

15. Smart Lenses

16. Smart Rings/Jewelry

17. Smart Buttons and Bluetooth devices

18. Hard disks or similar storage devices

If caught with any of these items above in the exam hall, you will be automatically disqualified from taking the exam and risk getting arrested.

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Students in an examination hall

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