2024 JAMB UTME, DE new updates & answers to major questions

Many answers and solutions to many JAMB UTME and Direct Entry questions and issues for 2024 and more.

1. Changing JAMB UTME subject combination

Question: Can I change my JAMB UTME subject combination?

ANSWER: Yes, for a limited window for the 2024 JAMB UTME exercise. JAMB opened a two-day window (March 14-15) for UTME candidates to change their subject combinations. This ensures your chosen subjects align with your desired course of study. Read how to get it done here.

2. JAMB admission letter and printing

Question: I can’t print my JAMB admission letter. What should I do?

ANSWER: Visit any JAMB-accredited CBT centre. They can assist you in printing your admission letter.

Question: My admission letter has an incorrect name. Can I change it?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, names cannot be added or changed after JAMB UTME registration.

3. Deadlines and important dates for JAMB UTME & DE

Question: When is the 2024 JAMB UTME exam?

ANSWER: The 2024 JAMB UTME exam will be held between April 19th and 29th.

Question: When is the DE registration deadline for 2024?

ANSWER: The DE registration for 2024 closes on March 28th. Complete registration is exclusively available in all JAMB CBT centres in Nigeria.

4. JAMB results and correction of errors

Question: Can I change my date of birth after JAMB registration  

ANSWER: No, you cannot change your date of birth after registration.

Question: What if the SIM card used for UTME registration is blocked?

ANSWER: You can retrieve your results via the JAMB online portal. Alternatively, you can try retrieving the blocked SIM card, as it’s your unique JAMB identifier.

5. JAMB DE Eligibility and requirements

Question: Can I use awaiting results for DE registration?

ANSWER: Awaiting results are only accepted for IJMB and JUPEB programs. For DE registration, your original certificate or a statement of result from the past three academic years (2020/2021, 2021/2022, 2022/2023) is typically required. But from 2019 backwards, you must provide your certificate. 

Question: Can I apply for DE with a Polytechnic ND II result?

ANSWER: Yes, you can apply for DE with a Polytechnic ND II result.

Question: Can one apply for both UTME and DE in the same year?

ANSWER: No, you cannot apply for both UTME and DE simultaneously. However, you can convert your UTME application to DE after sitting for the UTME exam.

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6. JAMB Regularisation and Previous Admissions

Question: I did an indemnity form in 2019, but it’s not showing on my JAMB portal. What should I do?

ANSWER: Visit any JAMB office near you for assistance with your indemnity form.

Question: I underwent JAMB regularisation but haven’t received admission. What’s wrong?

ANSWER: There’s a possibility you didn’t meet the admission requirements for your desired program.

Can I use retroactive admission for DE application?

ANSWER: Yes, if you have a retroactive letter of admission, you can proceed with your DE application.

7. Other inquiries 

Question: What is the approved reading text for JAMB 2024?

ANSWER: “The Life Changer” by Khadija Abubakar Jalli remains the approved reading text for Use of English in 2024.

Question: Is my A’level acceptable for JAMB DE registration?

ANSWER: JAMB provides a list of disclaimed A-level certificates. You can access this list through this provided link: Link to list of disclaimed A’level certificates.

Question: Can I convert my UTME to DE before the exams?

ANSWER: No, you must sit for the UTME exam before converting it to DE.

Question: How can I apply to change my program after registration?

ANSWER: You can visit any JAMB office nearby for assistance with changing your program.

Question: Can I change any data after registration, like names or date of birth?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, data such as names, date of birth, and state/local government of origin cannot be corrected after JAMB UTME or DE registration. There are however some specific cases where names or dates of birth may be altered. See them here. 

Question: Couldn’t register for direct entry (DE) due to JAMB admission letter? Then I was told to go do JAMB regularisation? When I got to my school to begin the process, I was told that JAMB hasn’t given them access to let 2021 candidates do JAMB regularisation?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, JAMB currently offers the Condonement of Undisclosed Illegal Institutional Admissions (CUIIA) only for candidates seeking a retroactive letter of admission from 2020 and earlier. This means the JAMB regularisation service isn’t available for candidates from the 2021 academic year onwards.

Question: Can I complete JAMB regularisation and DE registration on the same day?

ANSWER: No, completing JAMB regularisation and DE registration typically won’t be possible on the same day. An application for CUIIA (Condonement of Undisclosed Illegal Institutional Admissions) can take between 3-4 weeks to process. This is because your institution needs to return your indemnity form to the JAMB state office before they can proceed.  Therefore, address JAMB regularisation first, then proceed with DE registration upon receiving a positive response.

Question: My JAMB portal shows the 2023 exam year, not 2024. Why is this happening?

ANSWER: This likely means you haven’t reactivated your JAMB profile for the 2024 exam year. To access the 2024 portal, you need to reactivate your profile using the same phone number you used for your previous UTME application. 

Question: Can I change my email address after JAMB registration?

ANSWER: No. Unfortunately, JAMB doesn’t allow corrections to email addresses after registration.  Make sure to enter a valid and accessible email address during the registration process to avoid any communication issues. 

Question: I can’t send or receive SMS to JAMB’s shortcodes on my JAMB registered numbers, but I can send regular messages. How can I fix this?

ANSWER: Your phone number might be registered for Do Not Disturb (DND) on SMS marketing messages. To fix this:

1. Text ALLOW to 2442: This will deactivate DND for SMS marketing messages on your line.

2. Resend message: Try sending your message to JAMB’s shortcode again.

After deactivating DND, you should be able to send an SMS to JAMB’s shortcodes and receive prompts too.

Question: My date of birth on my National Identification Number (NIN) portal differs from the one on my O’level certificate. Can I register for DE using the date of birth on my NIN, even though I have an affidavit?

ANSWER: JAMB relies on the date of birth retrieved from the NIMC platform during registration. Affidavits are not accepted for date of birth corrections.  If your date of birth on the NIN portal is correct, you should have no problem registering for DE using that date.

Question: I have CUIIA concerns?

ANSWER: If you have CUIIA issues, you can find more information here.

Question: I accepted an admission offer on JAMB CAPS but want to switch to another institution. Can I cancel my current admission?

ANSWER: Yes, you might be able to cancel your current admission. Please follow these steps: 

1. Visit any JAMB office near you.

2. Apply for deletion of your accepted admission on JAMB CAPS.

3. Request an inter-university transfer to your preferred institution (a separate process handled by the institutions)

Remember, this process may have deadlines and fees associated with it. It’s crucial to contact both JAMB first and your desired institution for specific details.

Question: I applied for DE after converting my 2023 UTME application. My admission status shows “Admission in Progress” for over a month. Is there a problem?

ANSWER: No, seeing “Admission in Progress” for an extended period (over a month) after converting your UTME application to DE likely doesn’t indicate an issue.  JAMB typically takes time to scrutinise your results and verify your eligibility for admission through DE. This process can take several weeks.

Be patient and wait for an update on your JAMB CAPS portal. If the status remains unchanged for an unreasonable amount of time, you can contact your institution’s admissions office or a nearby JAMB office for further clarification.

Question: Where can I find the titles of the 2024 prescribed texts for the Literature in English JAMB exam?

ANSWER: The official 2024 JAMB Literature in English prescribed texts can be found here: ibass.jamb.gov.ng/qr/ 

Question: I want to apply for DE but used a different course for my first degree. Do I need a JAMB admission letter for my original course?

ANSWER: Yes, you’ll need a JAMB admission letter that reflects the course you used for your first degree when applying for DE.  Since you switched courses, you’ll need to do a “change of admission letter” with JAMB to validate your admission offer for the original course. This validates your eligibility for DE registration. 

You can visit any JAMB-accredited CBT centre for assistance with processing the change of admission letter.

Question: I am an NCE holder but wasn’t enrolled through JAMB admission. Can I apply for DE?

ANSWER: Unfortunately, no. NCE programs obtained without JAMB admission are considered “illegal admissions” by JAMB.  Since DE requires a valid previous admission through JAMB, you wouldn’t be eligible for DE registration in this case.

However, there might be an alternative path. You can explore applying for a retroactive letter of admission. Upon approval, it allows you to proceed with a DE application through JAMB.

Remember, processing a retroactive letter might involve specific steps and deadlines.  It’s best to contact JAMB for more information.

Question: Some institutions offer legitimate programs not listed on the JAMB website. Why can’t I use these programs for DE if I don’t have a JAMB admission letter?

ANSWER: JAMB regulates admissions into tertiary institutions in Nigeria. All institutions offering accredited programs must be registered with JAMB. While some specialised schools might offer unique courses, here’s what to consider:

Accreditation: No tertiary institution in Nigeria can offer a program without proper accreditation from regulatory bodies like NUC (National Universities Commission), NBTE (National Board for Technical Education), or NCCE (National Commission for Colleges of Education).

Risk for Applicants: Studying an unapproved program poses a risk to you as a student.  Your qualification might not be recognised by employers or for further education if the program lacks accreditation.

Recommendation: Before enrolling in any program, ensure the institution and the specific program you’re interested in are accredited by the relevant body (NUC, NBTE, or NCCE). You can verify accreditation through their respective websites.

Question: Can I use results from two different O’level sittings for JAMB registration?

ANSWER: Yes, in most cases you can use results from two O’level sittings for JAMB registration. However, the ultimate decision on whether to accept combined results from two sittings rests with your target institution.

Here’s why it’s important to check with your target institution:

Policy Variations:  While JAMB allows combining results, individual institutions might have specific policies regarding this practice.  Some might accept it, while others might require all subjects to be from the same sitting.

Program Requirements:  Specific programs within an institution might have stricter requirements regarding O’level combinations. 

Recommendation:  It’s crucial to contact your target institution’s admissions office directly to confirm their policy on using results from two O’level sittings for your desired program. 

Question: Direct Entry (DE) candidates have to write exams in 2024?

ANSWER: Yes, as it stands in 2024, Direct Entry candidates will take an exam as part of the application process. This exam will assess your cognitive and verbal reasoning skills,  different from the subject-based UTME taken by regular JAMB candidates.

Important Note: JAMB reserves the right to modify exam requirements.  It’s always a good practice to check the JAMB website for any updates or changes throughout the year.

Question: I changed my course and my JAMB CAPS still shows “Not Yet Admitted.” Will JAMB eventually give me admission?

ANSWER: JAMB itself doesn’t grant admission; individual institutions do. JAMB acts as a central processing and admission regulatory body.

Seeing “Not Yet Admitted” on JAMB CAPS after a course change might be because:

Institution’s Decision Pending: Your chosen institution hasn’t made a final admission decision yet. 

Incomplete Requirements:  There might be missing information or requirements needed from you or your institution.


JAMB CAPS Monitoring: Keep checking your JAMB CAPS portal for updates on your admission status.

Contact your institution: Reach out to your desired institution’s admissions office for a clearer picture of your application status and any outstanding requirements on their end.

Question: I lost my phone number and email address used for UTME registration in 2020 (ND program). Can I register for DE in 2024 using a new phone number and email address?

ANSWER: Yes, you can likely use a new phone number and email address to register for DE in 2024, assuming your previous UTME registration was indeed in 2020. Here’s why:

JAMB Updates: JAMB’s policy might have changed since 2020. 

Unique Identifiers: While you can use a new phone number to generate your profile code, this new phone number, along with the new email address, will become your primary identifier for future JAMB interactions.

Here’s what you should do:

1. New Phone Number and Email: Proceed with registration using your new phone number and email address.

2. Safeguard Information:  Make sure to keep this new phone number and email address secure, as they’ll be crucial for future JAMB communications and actions (like password resets). You can read more on JAMB registration here. 

Recommendation: If you have any lingering concerns or require further clarification, it’s best to contact a JAMB office near you for personalized assistance. 

Question: My first and middle (or last) names were accidentally swapped during JAMB registration, but my NIN reflects the correct order. Can I get this fixed?

ANSWER: Yes, you can get the name mismatch corrected on your JAMB registration. Here’s what you should do:

JAMB Data Correction: Visit any JAMB-accredited CBT center. They can assist you with applying for a correction of your personal data on JAMB’s platform.

Important Note: While JAMB allows corrections for minor misspellings and name order for UTME and DE candidates, it’s best to bring a copy of your NIN as supporting documentation during the correction process at the CBT centre. This will help expedite the process.

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