How to Get JAMB Profile Code 2024

JAMB Profile Code is a unique 10-digit code assigned to the online profile of individual UTME and Direct Entry candidates on the JAMB Portal.

This means that no two candidates share the same JAMB Profile code. Yours is different from those of others and only works for your JAMB Profile.

What is the JAMB Profile Code Used for?
The JAMB Profile Code is used to purchase JAMB e-pin for UTME and Direct Entry registration. So the candidate will submit the code at the JAMB CBT registration center.

More so, it is your JAMB Profile Code that will link you securely to your JAMB CAPS account.

Does It Expire?

So you find some people repeating JAMB for three or more years before getting admission. Such are the people who ask, “Does the JAMB Profile Code expire?” Some others ask, “How long does it take for the JAMB profile code to expire?” because they want to know if they can re-use their old profile code for new registration.

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The answer is NO. JAMB Profile code does not expire. You can use the same old JAMB profile code to register another JAMB if you need to. Only be sure that the phone number you used to create the profile is still available and active.

Basic Requirement to Create JAMB Profile Code

Creating a JAMB Profile Code is the first step that every JAMB candidate must take to register for UTME. So if you don’t generate your JAMB Profile Code, you will not be able to register for JAMB.

However, there are some basic requirements that the candidate must meet before they can get their JAMB Profile Code. They include.

  1. You must have an active phone number.
  2. You must have a National Identification Number (NIN)

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How To Get NIN Required to Generate JAMB Profile Code

Before I get into this, I must inform you that the process you have to undergo to obtain your NIN is a stressful one. The obvious reason is that too many people are applying for NIN daily. However, this should not discourage you because you already know that without NIN, you can’t get your JAMB Profile Code. More so, without your JAMB Profile Code, you cannot register for UTME.

Follow the instructions below to register for NIN.

  1. You will need to show your birth certificate before you can register. Other necessary information to provide include your BVN (if you have a bank account), Correct Name, Occupation, e.t.c
  2. Locate the NIMC office nearest to you. This may be in a bank or Office. Just go there with your documents and apply for NIN.
  3. When it gets to your turn, they will ask you to provide the necessary information. Subsequently, they will take your Passport and Biometrics.
  4. Upon completion of the registration, they will give you a white slip. Note, however, that this is not the original Slip and as such, does not contain your NIN. You will have to go back on a later date to collect your Brown slip. Most times, the brown slip gets ready in two weeks.
  5. When you collect the brown slip, it will bear your NIN.

If you already have your NIN, then dial *346# and follow the prompts to retrieve your NIN.

How To Get JAMB Profile Code

When you go through the process elucidated above, you will have your NIN ready. When you do, then you will be eligible to generate your JAMB Profile Code.

In the following sections, I will show you how to generate a JAMB Profile Code.

Presently, there are two methods you can use to generate your JAMB Profile Code for 2024 UTME and DE Registration. They include…

  1. The SMS Method: The format is to type the word NIN, leave a space, and type the full 11 digits of your National Identification Number and send it to 55019 or 66019

2. The USSD Method: This method is relatively much simpler to follow through. Just dial 550191*Your NIN#. As before, make sure to replace “Your NIN” in the format with the actual 11 digits of your National Identification Number. When you do this correctly, JAMB will send you your JAMB Profile Code through SMS. Thereafter, you can go ahead and do your JAMB registration.

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