JAMB Profile Code Issues

Many candidates experience all manner of JAMB Profile code issues. However, JAMB anticipates these issues and constantly updates what the candidates need to do. Some of the JAMB Profile Issues include.

  1. Loss of JAMB Profile Code.
  2. SMS sending failure for JAMB Profile Code.
  3. JAMB not sending the candidate’s profile code.
  4. The candidate has no NIN.

1. Loss of JAMB Profile Code

I have emphasized the need to keep your JAMB Profile Code safe and ensure that you do not lose it. However, I know that it’s also very possible to lose it.

So if you lost yours, see how to retrieve it below.

How to Retrieve a Lost JAMB Profile Code

To retrieve a lost JAMB Profile Code, send [RESEND] to 55019 or 66019 as a text message from the same mobile number.

Candidates can reset lost or forgotten Profile Password on their registered cell phone by sending [password] space [email address] to 55019 or 66019 as a text message from the same mobile number

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2. SMS Sending Failure for JAMB Profile Code

So this is one of the issues you may encounter. That is, SMS sending failure. You are trying to send an SMS to the number given. This may be a result of insufficient balance, poor network, or network congestion.

What is the Solution To SMS Sending Failure for the JAMB Profile Code?

The Solution to this problem depends on the cause as already discussed. So if it is a result of insufficient balance, just recharge your line with at least N50 and try again.

If the problem is because your SIM card has not been registered, then go to the nearest SIM registration center, register your SIM, and try again.

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If the problem is from a Poor network, then give it a break for a while. Avoid the network congestion by requesting for your code very early in the morning, say 2 a.m. The network will be free by then.

3. JAMB not Sending the Candidate’s Profile Code

The reason why JAMB may not send a candidate’s profile code may be due to one or all the factors explained in Number 2 above.

So try to figure out what the problem is and handle it based on what you have learned here.

4. Candidate has no NIN

How Can I Get Jamb Profile Code Without NIN?

It is not possible to get your JAMB Profile Code without using your NIN.

So, if you happen not to have your NIN with you, simply follow the steps I have shown you on this page to get your  NIN.

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