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The Joint Admission and Matriculation Board (JAMB) has set a cut-off mark of 160 for university admissions year 2023/2024.

The board has set a cut-off mark of 120 for Polytechnic and 100 for Education and Innovative Institutions.

The cutoff mark is the minimum score required for students to get admitted to their preferred university or other institution.

How to go about your O’Level grade calculation:

5 relevant subjects from your O’Level result with the best scores will be used to calculate your screening score. The O’Level result covers 40 percent of your total screening score. Possible point grading system for O’Level:

  • A1-8%
  • B2-7%
  • B3-6%
  • C4-5%
  • C5-4%
  • C6-3%

To explain this; If for instance you scored A1(5) straight in your O’Level, you have -40%. B2(5) = -35%

B3(5) = -30%

C4(5) = -25%

C5(5) = -20%

C6(5) = -15%

Possible point grading system for Jamb result:

In this case, whatever you have as your Jamb score covers 60% of your admission score.







I hope this helps you predict your admission chances. Good luck!

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