JAMB EMAIL ADDRESS: NO, to avoid running into problems, if you or someone else has previously created a Jamb Profile using an email address, it is completely invalid and unavailable to use to create another Jamb Account.

You can only maintain one account with Jamb using one email address.

You are not permitted to register for Jamb using the same email address more than once.

Therefore, it would be hard for you to build a Jamb Profile that would match your most current Jamb signup details if you’re using the old Email you used in the past year.

Reasons to change your email address and phone number

One of the reasons to change your phone number and email address is the loss of mobile phones and SIM cards.

Likely following the completion of your Jamb and UTME registration, your phone and SIM card may go missing and this is a serious problem that justifies visiting the Jamb office to change your phone number and email address.

Incorrectly entering a phone number and email address during the Jamb UTME registration process is another error that may cause a change in the provided phone number and address.

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Note: have you try updating your jamb profile (all information) to this year’s current information? If yes you will have no issues. If u are unable to update the information then its best you open a new email before creating a new jamb profile account.

If you register for Jamb using the same email address you used in your previous Jamb Exam, when the time comes to link your Email address to Jamb, you will encounter difficulty.

Not just that, each time you log in to your Jamb profile account that was created by your once-used email address, the account will not be updated to the current Jamb year

Instead, you will keep seeing the year you first used the email to register for Jamb.

For instance, Emmanuel registered for Jamb in 2021 using [email protected] and he proceeded again to create an account for the 2022 Jamb examination with the same email address; [email protected].

Once this happens, whenever Emmanuel tries to log into his Jamb profile, the account won’t be updated to 2022 Jamb details; instead, it will continue to display the 2021 Jamb details, which can be quite difficult when it’s time for admission.

If you attempt to enter your Jamb CAPS, You will receive a reply message stating that you are “ineligible to use this service on Jamb CAPS”. Therefore, before enrolling for another Jamb, candidates are urged to create a new email address.


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