RESET EMAIL ADDRESS: The email address linked with your JAMB account or profile may have to be changed for a couple of reasons listed below or even more.

Not being able to retrieve the email address’s password. Sometimes you could forget your password and either there isn’t any contact information you can use to restore the email address, or you may have lost hold of the recovery number.

One of the main reasons you might want to replace your email address in JAMB is that there was possibly a mistake when you registered for the exam at the registrar’s end or you provided the wrong email address.

If you’re one of the people dealing with any of these problems, this post lays out the remedy you need. We also answered some frequently asked questions about Jamb registration. Take a head read.

Can I Change Or Reset My Email Address In Jamb?

The answer to this question is yes but some issues may prevent you or may not prevent you from changing or resetting your email address in the Jamb office.

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Linking your email address to Jamb is not a difficult task if you follow the process diligently. Always read through and understand what you’re asked to do next and you will get it done in a matter of minutes.

All the JAMB applicants have been provided with all the necessary information they need on how to link their email to the Joint Admission and Matriculation Board.

Both The UTME and Direct Entry candidates are required to complete this process to enable their entrance to JAMB CAPS login and learn about their admission status.

To ensure the process is successful, make sure your phone has enough airtime.

Send an sms with your email to 55019 E.g Email [email protected] [email protected]

Then send to 55019


Send an email to 55019 and make sure you include your email address, as seen below:


[email protected]

Forward the email to 55019 but make sure you replace Ephraimamaka1213 with your actual email address.

After that, Jamb will link your email address to their portal and in about a few seconds you will receive an email with your password.

After receiving the password, quickly log in by entering your email and password to access your portal. Once you’re able to log in, then you’ve successfully linked your email to JAMB.

How To Change Jamb Email Address Easily

If you are having issues concerning the email address you gave while registering for the Jamb registration and you want to change it or you’re having problems with forgotten passwords.

There’s a possibility of changing it notwithstanding that Jamb management does not always allow that but once you follow the right procedure you will get it done easily.

  • First, go to any Jamb office or approved CBT establishment close to you.
  • Verify the email address on your registration slip and in your Jamb portal
  • Ask for a JAMB attendant or official who will guide you on what to do (note that if the email you previously used does not exist you can create a new email to match exactly what you used to register for JAMB but if it exists and used by someone else you have to contact that person to send you whatever information jamb sent to the email. )
  • Get a paper or personal jotter to write down the new email address
  • Ensure everything is accurately noted
  • Visit the email service provider and verify that its domain ends in “.com”; if it does, then everything is OK.
  • Proceed and click on the button ” new email account”
  • Now, fill in the email address you wrote down earlier but ensure its appropriately written
  • Continue with the signup if it indicated that email was available.
  • After you confirm your phone number, you will be asked to go ahead and agree to the terms and conditions that apply but make you read and understand them.
  • Once you are done with all the process you will receive a mail confirming the process was successful

However, if after the process it is still unsuccessful, lay a complaint to Jamb and wait for a couple of days for it to be ratified.

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