JAMB exemption serves as a provision by JAMB, allowing specific categories of candidates to be exempted from the mandatory UTME. While UTME is typically required for admission into Nigerian tertiary institutions, JAMB exemption provides an alternative path for eligible individuals.

The categories of candidates eligible for JAMB exemption include:

Direct Entry Candidates:

Candidates possessing qualifications such as A-Levels, ND, HND, and their equivalents, can apply for direct entry into universities without UTME. These candidates are exempted from writing UTME and can proceed directly to the university admission process.

Foreign Candidates:

Non-Nigerians aspiring to study in Nigerian universities may also be exempted from UTME. But, they must meet specific admission requirements set by the universities they are applying to. It is essential for foreign candidates to research and understand the criteria set by their chosen universities.

Inter-University Transfer Candidates:

Students already enrolled in a Nigerian university who wish to transfer to another institution may be exempted from UTME. However, they must fulfill the transfer requirements specified by the university they intend to transfer to. It is crucial for transfer candidates to familiarize themselves with the transfer criteria of their desired university.

It is important to note that JAMB exemption does not guarantee automatic admission into a university. Candidates must still meet the admission requirements set by the universities they are applying to, including minimum academic qualifications and any additional criteria specified by the university.

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